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Welcome to Travel in Workday

Browse travel information that our team has compiled. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Fiscal Year End Reminder:

We are quickly approaching Fiscal Year End 2022 and are reaching out as a friendly reminder of upcoming deadlines.

As with legacy systems, there is a deadline for the submission of your Travel Reimbursements for your incurred expense for FY22 in Workday.  The CAHNRS Finance Administration and Travel is requiring all Expense Reports to be completed and submitted within Workday by Friday, June 24th, 2022.  Any transactions not verified and approved by the deadline will not be guaranteed to post on your 2022 budget.  Please take a moment to view your Work Day inbox for Expense Reports that need to be submitted for completed travel.


**All travelers are required to disclose when personal time/travel is being incorporated into an official WSU Business related trip. This information is required on all Spend Authorizations prior to travel and the Expense Report in Workday must indicate the exact time official travel status begins and ends.**

Reference: B.P.P.M. 95.17



Please zoom in and ask any questions you may have or if you would like to start a Spend Authorization or Expense Report with a Travel Specialist, we are here to help!

Every Wednesday Morning from 10:00am to 11:00am
Meeting ID: 919 4964 1734
Passcode: 273248


Before Travel

What do I need before I begin my travel?


You will need to submit a spend authorization. 

What you need to fill out the spend authorization ( PDF)

Foreign Travel

You will need to submit a spend authorization AND have additional requirements completed. 

Additional Requirements for foreign travel:

  • Dean’s Approval

What you need to fill out the spend authorization ( PDF)



No spend authorization needed. 

If you are traveling within Washington as an employee, a Spend Authorization does NOT need to be completed. Please see WSU’s B.P.P.M. 95.01 for further detailed information.

Once you complete your travel, you will create an Expense Report.

After Travel

What do I need after my travel is complete?


Expense Report

Here is a helpful list of what you’ll need to fill out the Expense Report :

To avoid tax implications please submit Expense Report within 60 days after travel is completed.

When I create a new expense report from spend authorization, do I need to click on the Final Expense Report box? A: Yes, this helps close out the Spend Authorization attached to the expense report and releases encumbered estimates not spent.


Find Expense Report

How to video to Find Expense Report

Find Spend Authorization

How to video to Find Spend Authorization

Global Travel Contact Information

Global Travel

If you need support from the Global Travel Agency, their online office is open Monday – Friday 8am-6pm Mountain Time. They can be reached at 800-388-3828 or at the direct line 208-387-1001, or by email to their Corporate Department.

Global Travel Team:

Crystal Pryor
Jill Huffman
Linda Polk
Shelbi Hoffman
Tina Jones


Concur contact: Judy Karrels – 208-387-1112

Information on Ground Transportation

Motor Pool vs. Personal Vehicle Usage

BPPM 95.11 Normally, the use of a privately-owned motor vehicle is based upon University-related requirements rather than the personal preference or convenience of the traveler. A WSU traveler may use a privately-owned motor vehicle for official University travel when: A Motor Pool vehicle is not available, or It is more advantageous or economical to the University to use a privately-owned vehicle than a Motor Pool vehicle as determined by the approving administrator.

International Travel Resources

N.I.M.S.S. Multi-State Travel Information

Multi-State Travel Policies Memo

For more information please contact:

Ellen Yeates

Per Diem Rate by State

Per Diem – by state

Travel & COVID Restrictions

Resource: CDC – Travel

Travel Policies & Procedures

BPPM – Travel

Workday Budget-Project Crosswalk

Workday Budget-Project Crosswalk

WSU Central Travel Division - Webpage

WSU Travel Division


Did you know ..

  • With the implementation of Workday there has been some confusion of how the Motor Pool process works for CAHNRS travelers. The CAHNRS Travel Team will continue to facilitate the reservation process for vehicles as we…
  • As part of the January 14 revisions, the reimbursement rate for motor vehicles went from $0.56 to $0.585 per mile.


Create Spend Authorization: Employee as Self

Create Spend Authorization

Create Expense Report (Travel): Employee as Self

Create Expense Report – Travel

Create Expense Report (Confirming Reimbursement): Employee as Self

Create Expense Report – Confirming Reimbursement

External Committee Member Requests: (Students, Pre-Hires, Candidates, and Affiliates)

Spend Authorization – Travel:

Expense Report – Travel:

Expense Report – Confirming Reimbursement:

Mileage Micro Training

Mileage Micro Training

Lodging & Meals Micro Training

Lodging & Meals Micro Training

CAHNRS Full Length Travel Training

Available via Microsoft Teams ONLY. Email Adriana Rivera to have the training shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do a Spend Authorization?

Before you start travel: Spend Authorizations are only required for Out of state or Foreign travel. If you are traveling within Washington as an employee, a Spend Authorization does NOT need to be completed. Please see WSU’s B.P.P.M. 95.01 for further detailed information.

How do I cancel my Spend Authorization?

Here’s a quick how-to:

How to cancel a spend authorization

For an expense report you would follow similar steps to cancel.

What are the current COVID restrictions for travel?

The CDC Travel page shares updated travel information for domestic and international travel.

Where do I find current Per Diem rates?

The U.S. General Services Administration page for Per Diem Rates, you’ll find rates for Lodging and Meals. The map on the page also shows per diem rate for other countries as well.

Where do I find my Expense Report or Spend Authorization I created in Workday?

You can find your Spend Authorizations or Expense Reports in Workday by searching:

  • My Spend Authorizations
  • My Expense Reports


Where do I find the Motor Pool Request form?

On our travel page under Forms ⇒ Other Forms ⇒ Motor Pool Request

What mileage can I claim as reimbursable?

WSU’s Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM 95) for travel offers information about what mileage is reimbursable.

Travel Mileage

We also offer a mileage log that can be filled out every month as well.

Contact Information



Paula Farley
Interim Business Services Manager
Hulbert Hall 305C
Charee Morris
Hulbert Hall 305
Adriana Rivera
Hulbert Hall 305
Currently phones are down until further notice. Primary contact is our travel email. Thank you for your patience.