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For over five years, the CAHNRS Business Center has been serving the College of Agricultural Human and Natural Resource Sciences. The staff create and maintain documents for personnel, payroll, travel, grants, and extension contracts. We strive to provide excellent customer service to all CAHNRS departments, while adhering to the policies and procedures set forth by Washington State University.

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Recent Announcements

  • In an effort to ensure that Pcard transactions for FY 18 are processed in a timely manner and are posted to the budget within the Fiscal Year that they were charged, we are asking all Pcard holders to send all of their outstanding receipts, with budget coding, to the business center by June 22nd.
  • Currently all hourly employees, positions, supervisors, department admins, funding sources, and duties have been added to Cougar Manager, and all users should be able to login at  Within the next two hours all supervisors should be assigned to their correct position overseeing their direct reports.  For hourly employees we are still completing the process of assigning each employee to their correct positions. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions  Please click on the link below if you would like to see some instructional videos for Cougar Manager. Instructional Videos for Cougar Manager
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Grants Office

Food Science Human Nutrition  – Room 302B
Mail Code: 6376
Phone: 509-335-3943


Fiscal Office

Johnson Hall – Room 207
Mail Code: 6424
Phone: 509-335-1075