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Personnel / Payroll

Browse personnel and payroll information our team has compiled below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Workday Resources:

Budget-Project Crosswalk

Telework Agreement

Telework Agreement Process:

  1. Employee and supervisor fill out the WSU Telework Agreement Form.
  2. Once signed by both, the employee fills out the electronic CAHNRS Telework IT form at and attaches the signed WSU Telework agreement form;
  3. After the employee submits the electronic form, the request will be reviewed by CAHNRS IT. If additional information is required, the employee will be contacted by email.
  4. Once the request is IT confirmed, it will be signed by CAHNRS Operations, emailed to the appointing authority AA you choose, and you and your supervisor will be cc’d.
  5. The appointing authority reviews and approves, and sends to the employee and/or supervisor.
  6. The employee’s supervisor sends it to HRS for filing purposes only.

Cellular Device Resources:

Retirement Information for Departments

For retirements, please send the retirement memo’s to  We will create the Retirement Acknowledgments and return them for you.

At that point you can initiate the Retirement Separation in Workday: Manage Retirement Separation

Please attach both the employees memo and the acknowledgement on the action.

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