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Personnel / Payroll

Browse personnel and payroll information our team has compiled below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Personnel Forms Cougar Manager


Appointing Employees - Forms

Personnel Tracking e-form

Extension - How do I hire a temporary employee?

  1. Supervisor Completes the New Employee Hourly Request Form
  2. Employee completes I-9 paperwork in order to work. Your supervisor or Program Unit Admin Manager can direct you to the best location to complete your I-9.
  3. Department or Program Unit Admin Manager approves and sends to CAHNRS Business Center for entry into WSU Systems.
  4. Employee receives Temporary Employment Information Email from CAHNRS Business Center.

List of Acceptable Documents for I-9 Completion (.pdf)

W-4 Form (.pdf)

Direct Deposit

Pullman - How do I hire a temporary employee?

1. Search and hire temporary worker

2. Fill out New Employee Hourly Request Form and submit it into the personnel tracking system.

3. Have employee visit BC Personnel to complete paperwork.

4. BC Personnel creates or confirms WSU ID for employee.



Cougar Manager Instructions

Please use the Instructions for Approving Time Cards if you are having any difficulty with the approval process.

E-form Tracking System

Request forms can be found at: http://personnel This link will send your request into the tracking system automatically. Attachable forms will be available to use and can be found through the link above. All correspondence regarding requests will be made through the tracking system email.


Key Dates

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Contact Information – 

Landon Kirk
Johnson Hall 202
Aaron Nygaard
Johnson Hall 202
Abby Walser
Johnson Hall 202
Melissa Whitney
Personnel Supervisor
Johnson Hall 205