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Author: adriana.rivera

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NEW Mileage Rate – Starting July 1, 2022

As part of the July 1st, 2022 revisions, the reimbursement rate for motor vehicles went from $0.585 to $0.625 per mile. SAAM 10.90a. (PDF)  

Motor Pool Procedure for CAHNRS Travelers

With the implementation of Workday there has been some confusion of how the Motor Pool process works for CAHNRS travelers. The CAHNRS Travel Team will…

2022 Mileage Rates

As part of the January 14 revisions, the reimbursement rate for motor vehicles went from $0.56 to $0.585 per mile.

Telework Agreement

Telework Agreement Process: Employee and supervisor fill out the WSU Telework Agreement Form. Once signed by both, the employee fills out the electronic CAHNRS Telework…

Cell Phone Allowances

Workday allows us to obtain the dean’s approval for Cell Phone Allowances.  As such the separate process of obtaining Cell Phone Agreements approvals is no…

CAHNRS Gift/Donation Process

We have updated the process for gifts within CAHNRS. We’ve provided three documents: CAHNRS Gift/Donation Process Gift Transmittal Acknowledgment New Subaccount & Transferring to Funds…

Summer Updates for Sick Leave Accruals & Fiscal Year End

From our Modernization Team: Summer Updates

2021 Mileage Rates

Expect the new mileage rate to be $0.56 per mile effective Jan. 1st, 2021

**CAHNRS Internal Workday Training Coming Jan. 2021**

Personnel – Cougar Manager

Please share this information with supervisors and employees within your departments. Please ensure that ALL hours are completely submitted by the December 15th deadline. There…
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