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UPDATE 5/17/2022: Deposits & Expense Recoveries

Posted by adriana.rivera | January 25, 2021

For those sending in deposits and/or expense recoveries. We will receive checks/cash as usual with a Cash Sale Report attached. We will keep using the Receipt Log Sheets and D-Receipts we currently have until we run out and switch over to using just the Cash Sale Report I’ve created and have attached below. For bankcard/bank settlements/customer receipts please use the Cash Sale Report below and send us a pdf file of the Cash Sale report with the bankcard/bank settlements/customer receipts via email to

Make sure to include the following:

  • Revenue Category (Source-Subsource): What the deposit is for.
    • If it is an expense recovery provide the Spend Category (Object-Subobject) only
    • Crosswalk for Revenue Category & Spend Category
    • Please do not use internal sales. This is for WSU Pullman campus internal use only. 451-XX are for Extension offices and any other sales.
  • Provide one of the following required worktags (Budget-Project/Account number): Project/Program/Gift/Grant. It is helpful to have the Cost Center, Fund, Function, and Region to check that it populated correctly.
  • Taxes: For those that include taxes for sale of books or apparel merchandise, please keep in mind updated tax rates.

Kind reminder: Cash Deposit Reports are no longer used. 

Please fill out the following form, print out and attach to deposits and/or recoveries: Cash Sale Report

Mailing Address:

CAHNRS Business Services

PO Box 646235

Pullman, WA 99164-6235


Please contact Heidi Clarke if you have any questions.