Business Assets (Property Inventory)

Inventory Tags

Inventory tags are stickers with a barcode and inventory number we use to track University inventory.

When we receive inventory tags for item(s) purchased and coded with the Spend Category SC00254, a form is required to be filled out before we can send you the tags. This will be emailed out to the purchaser. Once the required information is received, we will send out the tags.

Inventory Control Reports

Inventory Control Reports help keep track of inventory. These are sent out or can be filled out by the equipment coordinator of a department when there is need for an item(s) to be transferred between locations, sold to, reported stolen or missing, on loan to WSU or for other purposes. The report can be found on the Property Inventory page:


Surplus is for the disposal of inventoried and non-inventoried items.

All WSU-owned property, inventoried or not, has to be disposed of through Surplus Stores. With the launch of Workday, the process to surplus property has changed. For non-Pullman locations, send Surplus Stores an email (the primary contact Keith Davison, secondary contact is Ron Redman) with a list of what you want to dispose of and we’ll determine the best way to handle it. For your extension office, this will generally be State Surplus. If the items are going to State Surplus, Surplus Stores will submit the request through the DES system and once it’s approved State Surplus will contact you to schedule a pick up or drop off. If it’s something that is coming to Pullman, then we need a Surplus Disposal Request, submitted through myfacilities. On the myFacilities page, you can make your requests for Pick-up or Drop-off surplus items. It will go to the Property Inventory Coordinator for approval. You’ll be sent a form to fill out and be signed by the facilities worker to have documentation of items being surplused. Once signed, please send a copy of the form completed to

Any items that are a trackable asset in Workday (formerly record type “P” in AIS) will also require the Dispose Asset process be initiated by someone in your department with the Business Asset Accountant or Business Asset Tracking Specialist security roles, disposal type State Surplus or Surplus if coming to Pullman.

Coming Summer 2022 .. How to receive a list of inventory via Workday

**If you are waiting for tags for your inventoriable items, they are on hold until Property Inventory is able to correct the some data transferring issues for assets. Thank you for your patience.**

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