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Cougar Manager
Please share this information with supervisors and employees within your departments. Please ensure that ALL hours are completely submitted by the December 15th deadline. There will not be a grace period.

With the launch of Workday, WSU temporary hourly employees will discontinue recording time in Cougar Manager and begin using Workday to view pay slips, record time worked/off, manage personal information, and more, beginning December 16.

Important dates:
Now through Dec 15: Temporary hourly employees should complete ‘Employee as Self’ trainings in Workday Training Catalog to prepare for new system
Dec 1 through Dec 15: Normal temporary hourly employee time reporting and approval in Cougar Manager
Dec. 15: Firm deadline for all temporary hourly employee time recording – Cougar Manager will not be accessible by temporary hourly employees after this date
Dec. 16: Begin recording all temporary hourly employee time and leave in Workday

Comp Time

If you are authorized to earn compensatory (comp) time or have a comp time balance, changes in December 2020 may affect you.

If you have comp time, it must be used or cashed out by December 11, 2020 to prepare for the launch of Workday on January 1, 2021. To receive payment, your time report must be submitted to Payroll Services by December 11, 2020.

If a department authorizes an employees to earn comp time between December 12-16, 2020, it will be manually processed after December 31, 2020. These situations must be approved on a case-by-case basis and the department must notify Human Resource Services.

Regarding comp time process contact HRS at
Regarding payment process contact Payroll Services at
Regarding Workday implementation contact