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CAHNRS Business Center hopes to provide you with the information needed for staff, faculty, public affiliates, foreign scholars, undergraduate students, graduate students, research assistants, student workers and temporary employees. Our mission is to help our people with the upcoming transition with WorkDay and help them see how it affects them. We’ve provided resources we hope can be used to gain a better understanding of WorkDay. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!


Service Areas in
the Business Center
Old System (Legacy System)Benefits of Workday
PurchasingPaper IRI's
Paper Invoice Vouchers

PaymentNet 4

Business Objects/Webi
Workday will replace all of these systems that are used.

Reconciliation, reviewing transactions for Procurement cards (P-Cards) and requests for expenditure authority signatures will all be in one place, Workday workflow.

For everyone, there will be more transparency when looking over budgets and knowing what's available financially. For example, for anyone wanting to order something they can see if they have the funds for it or not on their own. There will be more awareness of funds available and where they are going.

Retention for paper copies may change. Stay tuned.
PersonnelCougar Manager
Time Reports
CAHNRS Leave Reports
Paper Time Reports
All will be replaced by Workday. myWSU will still be used, but the employee self-service aspect of myWSU will be replaced by Workday.

No more paper time and leave reports.
Time tracking will be easier for the temporary employees.
Also, the system will be helpful with ensuring employees get paid and not fall through the cracks.

Travel Expense Voucher (TEV)

Travel Authority (TA)
No paper or routing

New name for TEV - Expense Report

New Name for TA - Spend Authority


We will continue to update this as we receive more information. Other ways to stay informed and engaged in the transition is to ask your peers, the change agents and super users, and through your departmental meetings.