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Grants (Pre/Post)

Browse grant and contract information that our team has compiled. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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When do I consider an award a business contract and go through Business Affairs?

Please refer to:

When do I consider an award a sponsored project and go through ORSO?

Please refer to: (.pdf)

If WSU is a subcontractor on a grant, what questions should I ask my counterpart at the lead institution so that I can get my subcontract?

  • Please ask your counterpart at the lead institution to get in contact with their central grants office to let them know a subcontract is needed.
  • You can put your grant administrator in contact with their grant administrator to find out what information they need from us and what forms they require us to fill out. Usually we need a budget, scope of work, and a subcontract initiation form filled in.

How do I get a subaccount from multidisciplinary grant that I am not the lead PI?

Work with your grants contact at the business center, they can contact the grant administrator of the main PI to either get the subaccount set up at the award stage, or get the RCAR started to set the account up.

When I am dealing with industry, when do I need to start the eREX process?

As soon as you begin to develop a budget and scope of work/work plan, involve your grants contact with the business center. They will help you correctly calculate F&A, and prepare the eREX at the appropriate time.


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