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Cougar Manager – Temporary Employees

Posted by anna.schilter | February 5, 2018

Currently all hourly employees, positions, supervisors, department admins, funding sources, and duties have been added to Cougar Manager, and all users should be able to login at  Within the next two hours all supervisors should be assigned to their correct position overseeing their direct reports.  For hourly employees we are still completing the process of assigning each employee to their correct positions.  At this time we request each user of the system check the following:


  • All users, please check that you can login to
  • Supervisors, please login to the time logging interface, and check that you have a position in the position dropdown named “UnitNumber_YourLastName”.  You don’t log time in the system, but need a position that your direct reports are assigned under in the hierarchy.  You should see this no later than  5pm 2/2/18.
  • Employees, please login to the time logging interface and check that you have the correct positions and funding options available to you.  Your positions will have the naming convention “UnitNumber_SupervisorsLastName_PositionNumber”.  You should see your positions no later than 12pm 2/7/18.
  • Department Admins, you should be able to login, go to Timecards->View Timecards and check the option to “Show cards without time”.  You should then see all positions in your department.


If you don’t know how to login to your time logging interface, please see our FAQ at which includes instructions and YouTube videos showing how to login and use the system.


After testing the above, if you find that you


  • can’t login,
  • can login but see incorrect positions or funding,
  • have any position names or titles that need to be updated,
  • can’t see the correct positions for yourself by the above dates


please send us an email at, and we will fix the information for you in the system.  Note that due to the high volume of messages, inquiries directly to individuals email may be delayed or lost.  Please use the support email setup for this system.


As a final note, we are planning some additional training sessions for next week for supervisors, department admins, and any staff overseeing positive pay entry.  Dates and times will be announced in a follow up communication, and be accompanied by a post on our website at

One thought on "Cougar Manager – Temporary Employees"

  1. Colleen Fullmer says:

    Hannah Herkert submitted her time report for signature before adding her last day of work. I signed it and then realized that those hours were missing. Could you please send that time report back to be so I can send it back to her for the addition of those hours so we can resubmit them for payment before noon today. Her time card number is 135470.
    Thanks for your assistance,
    Colleen Fullmer

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