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Author: anna.schilter

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2019 Mileage Rate

Expect the new mileage rate to be $0.58 per mile effective Jan. 1st, 2019

Central Travel Memo

Please refer to the attached Travel Memo regarding Taxation of Late Reimbursements.

Updated WA State Per Diem Map – By County

Click title for download link.

Mileage Update

Effective 1/1/18 mileage reimbursement rate has increased to $0.545.

Checking Out a Purchasing Card

Purchasing Services encourages employees who are frequent purchasing card delegates (those who borrow cards) to attend and complete purchasing card training for cardholders and card…

Extension – Cash Deposit & Gift Transmittal

All Cash Deposit Reports and Gift Transmittal and Acknowledgment Forms should be mailed to Adriana Rivera at the CAHNRS Business Center. PO BOX 646424 Pullman,…

Extension – Contracts

All signed Contract Review Sheets, Contracts (Except purchasing) and questions need to be directed to Jennifer Stephenson at Jennifer is now the contact person for…

Where to Send Cash Deposits

Johnson Hall PO Box 646424 Pullman, WA 99164-6424 Please contact Adriana Rivera if you need more log sheets / D-receipts sent to your office. Make…

Hazardous Shipping

Hazardous material shipments require special packaging, processing, and paperwork. Call 509-432-3869 for information.

Package Pick Up/Shipping

Package pick up and shipping is now located in Johnson Hall room 285.
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